Travel & RV Weather Forecast Thursday 23 February

** Heads Up ** Unusually cold, wet, and powerful storm will impact central and southern California and Nevada Friday and Saturday. Expect snow levels much lower than usual in the coastal ranges. Blizzard conditions expected in the Los Angeles and Ventura County mountains, including the Grapevine (I-5 north of Los Angeles). Potential for significant flash flooding at low elevations.

  • High impact weather continues for central and southern California through Saturday.
    • Snow levels drop to 1500 feet in the coastal mountains
    • Blizzard warnings for I-5 / Grapevine just north of Los Angeles
    • Significant potential for flash flooding in coastal southern California.
  • High winds again for New Mexico and western Texas on Sunday.
  • Significant weather weather outbreak increasingly likely over the southern Plains Monday.

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    — Western OR; north-central and northwest CA: Winter Storm Warnings and Advisories through tonight. 1-4 inches snow below 1000 feet and 5-10 inches above 1000 feet. I-5, US-101 impacted.

    Much of northern CA and coastal CA north of San Francisco above 1000 feet: Winter Storm Warnings this afternoon through midday Friday. 1-6 inches snow and wind gusts to 50 mph. I-5, US-101, CA-1 impacted.

    CA northern and central Sierra Nevada: Winter Storm Warnings continue through late Friday night. 4-12 inches snow above 1000 feet; 1-3 feet snow above 1500 feet; 3-6 feet snow above 3000 feet. Wind gusts 50-75 mph. I-80, US-50 impacted.

    Northern and central CA Sacramento and San Joaquin Valleys; central CA coast: Wind Advisories late this evening through Friday afternoon. Gusts 45-55 mph. I-5, I-80, US-101, CA-1, CA-99 impacted.

    Northeast CA; ;much of western, central and southern NV north of I-15: Winter Storm Warnings and Advisories Friday and Saturday. Snow accumulations will range from 1-3 inches in the northwest to 1-2 feet in the southern mountains. Wind gusts 45-50 mph. I-80, US-6, US-50, US-93, US-95, US-395 impacted.

    South-central NV: BLIZZARD Warning Friday morning and Friday night. 2-9 inches snow in the valleys and 1-3 feet snow in the mountains. Wind gusts to 60 mph. US-6 impacted.

    Central CA coastal mountains: Winter Storm Warnings and Advisories through Friday afternoon. Snow levels 1500 to 2500 feet. Up to 3-7 inches snow above 2500 feet. Strong and gusty winds. CA-1 impacted.

    Northern CA northern and central Sacramento Valley, and surrounding foothills: Winter Storm Watch Thursday afternoon through Friday afternoon. 1-6 inches snow possible. Wind gusts 30-40 mph. I-5, CA-99 impacted.

    CA southern Sierra Nevada: BLIZZARD Warnings (above 8000 feet) and Winter Storm Warnings through Saturday afternoon. 3-6 feet of additional snow and wind gusts to 60 mph. US-395 impacted.

    Southern CA south and southeast San Joaquin Valley, including Bakersfield: Flood Watch late Friday morning through Saturday morning due to excessive rainfall. I-5, CA-58 potentially impacted.

    Southern CA Mountains from Santa Barbara to San Diego Counties: BLIZZARD Warnings (Ventura and Los Angeles County Mountains) and Winter Storm Warnings through Saturday. Snow accumulations 6-12 inches below 4000 feet and 2-5 feet above 4000 feet. Wind gusts to 80 mph and near zero visibility. I-5 (including the Grapevine), I-8, I-15 highly impacted. Expect these major highways to be closed or impassable.

    Much of coastal and the western half of southern CA: Flood Watches Friday afternoon through Saturday. Rainfall rate could reach 1 inch / hour. I-5, I-8, I-10, I-15, US-101, CA-1 potentially impacted.

    Southern CA Antelope, Apple and Lucerne Valleys: High Wind Warnings and Watches Friday and Friday night. Gusts 60-75 mph. I-15, US-395 impacted.

    — Coastal southern CA: Wind Advisories Friday and Friday night. Gusts to 40 mph. I-5, I-8, I-10, I-15, US-101, CA-1 impacted.


    Southwest and south-central UT; northwest; central and east-central AZ, mostly above 4000 feet: Winter Storm Warnings and Advisories through Friday morning. Snow accumulations generally 6-12 inches. Wind gusts 30-45 mph. I-15, I-17, I-40 impacted.

    Portions of central and southwest CO: Winter Storm Warnings and Advisories through Friday. 6-14 inches snow and wind gusts 40-45 mph. I-70 impacted.

    — Far southwest NM: Wind Advisory today. Gusts to 45 mph.

    Much of eastern NM, along and east of I-25: Wind Advisories today. Gusts to 55 mph. I-25, I-40 impacted.


    Southeast ND; most of eastern SD; west-central, central, southwest and south-central MN: BLIZZARD Warnings through midday today. An additional 2-4 inches snow and wind gusts to 40 mph. I-29, I-35, I-90, I-94 impacted.

    Central and northern IA; WI; northwest IL: Winter Storm Warnings and Advisories through midday today. 1-3 inches additional snow and wind gusts to 35 mph. Some freezing rain may mix in over the southern portions. I-35, I-39, I-43, I-80, I-90, I-84 impacted.

    — Northeast IL: Dense Fog Advisory through mid-morning. I-39, I-55, I-57, I-80, I-88, I-90, I-94 impacted.


    Northern MI Lower Peninsula and MI Upper Peninsula: Winter Storm Warnings today. 1-5 inches snow over the Lower Peninsula, maybe mixed with freezing rain. 6-16 inches snow over the Upper Peninsula. I-75, US-2, US-41 impacted.

    — Northern IN and adjacent southern MI; northwest OH: Dense Fog Advisories through midday today. I-65, I-69, I-75, I-80/90/IN Toll Road, I-94 impacted.

    Western, central and eastern NY, except immediate Hudson Valley; southern VT; southern NH; MA (except Cape Cod); northern CT; northern RI: Winter Weather Advisories today. Mixed snow, sleet and freezing rain. Most accumulations 1 inch or less. I-81, I-84, I-87 / NY Thruway, I-88, I-90 / Mass Pike, I-91, I-93, I-95 impacted.

    Northern NY; central and northern VT; central and northern NH; central and southern ME: Winter Storm Warnings through this afternoon. Total snow accumulations 5-10 inches. I-81, I-87, I-89, I-91, I-93, I-95 impacted.

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