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New Blog post! I explain how I do hurricane evacuation recommendations and how you should – and should not! – use the Hurricane ‘Cone of Uncertainty’.

Welcome! I’m Dave Titley and this is RV Weather. I’m a retired US Navy Meteorologist, current Airstream owner, and the Founder of RV Weather.

RV Weather provides fellow RV’ers with:

RV Weather lets you travel with confidence, gives you peace of mind, and keeps you ‘ahead of the weather’.

Current Weather Warnings, Watches and Advisories

Click on the above image for a version where you can zoom, refresh, and add layers such as Interstates or terrain. Works best on a laptop.

New!! Interactive map. Click here to get details on the latest warnings and see the official text.

Current Weather (updated every 15 minutes)

Current weather. Click for full resolution.
Current Temperatures (deg F)
Current Visibility (miles)
Current Weather Radar
Current Wind Gusts (mph)
Current Dew Points (deg F). How humid or sticky the air feels.

Latest forecasts:


  • Daily short-range forecasts, tailored for those who RV. Emphasis on winds, snow, severe weather and flooding along major travel routes and popular RV destinations.
  • Daily animations of short-range future weather including snowfall, wind gusts, temperatures and rainfall
  • Periodic long-range forecasts
  • National Weather Service Outlooks, including Fire Weather Outlooks.
  • For those who want to go deeper into the weather, National Weather Service mesoscale discussions.


  • Up to the minute National Weather Service Severe Thunderstorm and Flash Flood Warnings
  • Current Severe Thunderstorm and Tornado Watches
  • Latest Hurricane and Tropical Storm updates and advisories from the National Hurricane Center
  • Weather Safety Tips for you, the RV’er.


  • Weather Avoidance and Weather Routing for your trip.
  • Consulting services on mutually agreed topics.

What RVer’s are Saying about ‘RVWeather’

David has been helping us since we flew to FL to pick up our truck and trailer and drive back home to CA! … So nice to have an expert helping us out along the way.

Maureen G

This is great info!  Thanks for sharing as it will help in my travels this week.

Sherry C

…The key thing is to time [winter towing] according to the forecast.  In the last two years, David Titley, a fellow Airstreamer and renowned meteorologist, had been instrumental in helping me with weather and route planning.

Jihong T

Usually a week before my towing, I would let David know my start point, end point and considered route.  David would give me route and timing suggestions based on the weather and road conditions.

Even when I couldn’t be flexible and wait for better weather, he informed me where I would encounter the storm and how far or fast I would get out of it.

Jihong T

Wanted to thank you for your help.  We’ll be anchored in AZ for a couple of weeks…

Walter P

Hi David.  Just wanted to thank you for the service you’ve provided and continue to provide to RV’ers.  Your daily weather briefing is the first thing we look for when we wake up.  The maps and regional summaries are invaluable!  David and Linda, fellow Airstreamers from S Florida

David & Linda R

I am home!!  Few flurries today, but no problems!  I cannot thank you enough for your assistance 🙂

Gail B

Just found your page.  It’s awesome, thank you!

Nola T.

Living in Northern Idaho, I trust your forecast more than the local TV stations.

Kip M

Big thanks to valuable service David Titley has provided diligently over the years.

Jihong T

Pretty impressive for settings and info.  I’d like to add it to my arsenal.

Bill S

David thanks again for your help in crossing the country to get back home to UT.  Could not have done it without your weather advice and route suggestions.  3200 miles in 6 days dodging 2 big storms and sub 25 degree temps.

Tony E

Great quick weather forecast for traveling.  We monitored this site while traveling from Arizona to Florida.

Richard D

…if you RV, you need to be following RV Weather…  David, the wizard behind the curtain, posts thorough weather forecasts regularly, specifically  with RV travel in mind.  I reached out with a question and really only hoped for a short, general answer.  What I got instead was expert, personalized advice (and a custom route) to help us successfully  avoid the storm that has crippled much of the US…

Pamela R

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