Travel and RV Weather Extended Outlook through Sunday 21 May

Extended outlooks are more general in nature and higher level than the daily short term forecasts. Beyond a week, there is often significant uncertainty in the location and intensity of specific weather events. I will note where there is less, or greater, confidence than normal in these extended outlooks.

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From the RV Weather Summer Office in Moose Wyoming

Big Picture for this coming week and next weekend:

  • High Pressure ridge over the West builds to the east and north, limiting any organized storm activity this period over much of the Country.
  • It could be a rainy Sunday for the Northeast next weekend.
  • Expect limited severe weather activity Thursday through Saturday.
  • No significant snowfall in the forecast – for this period and for the foreseeable future.

Temperature and Precipitation Outlook:

  • Warmer than normal temperatures persist in the West and the Pacific Northwest.
  • Warmer than normal temperatures expected over the Northern Rockies, Northern Plains and southern Florida.
  • Cooler than normal over Texas, the Southern Plains and most of the Country east of I-55 (New Orleans to Chicago).
  • Wetter than normal in the Southwest and Southeast.
  • Drier than normal north of I-70 and over California and the Pacific Northwest.

Highlights by day (16 – 21 May):

  1. Tuesday
    • Windy over the Adirondacks, Green and White Mountains of New York, Vermont, and New Hampshire, respectively.
    • Marginal severe weather conditions expected for the Tennessee Valley and southern Appalachians.
    • Windy over western Kentucky.
    • Rain, some heavy, over the Ohio Valley, West Virginia, and northern Virginia.
  2. Wednesday:
    • Afternoon showers and thunderstorms for the Southeast, the Rockies and the western Plains.
  3. Thursday:
    • Afternoon showers and thunderstorms for the Southeast and the Rockies.
    • Frontal system crosses the Upper Midwest, bringing showers and isolated thunderstorms into the Central Plains.
  4. Friday:
    • Afternoon showers and thunderstorms for the Southern Plains and Southern Rockies.
    • Showers and some thunderstorms from Michigan to the Texas Panhandle.
  5. Saturday:
    • Rain and showers for the Midwest, Mid-south, lower Mississippi Valley, and across Texas.
  6. Sunday:
    • Rain, possibly heavy, for New York and New England.
    • Showers and thunderstorms along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts.

More Highlights (from the National Weather Service):

  • Click here for the latest National Weather Service 3-7 Day outlook

Outlook for the latter part of May and into early June (a 2-4 week outlook is by definition low confidence!):

  • By the end of May:
    • Warmer than normal north of I-80 and west of I-25.
    • Cool over Texas and the Southeast.
    • Drier than average over the Pacific Northwest, the Upper Midwest and Midwest, and the Great Plains.
    • Wetter than normal over the Southeast Atlantic Coast and the Florida Peninsula.
  • Through the first week of June:
    • Warmth in the Pacific Northwest persists.
    • Cooler than average over Texas.
Total precipitation amounts through Sunday 21 May
Expected precipitation amounts as a percentage of normal through Sunday 21May
Averaged temperature departures from normal through Sunday 21 May
Total snowfall accumulation through Sunday 21 May

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