About RV Weather

My goal is to help keep you safe and enable you to make smart weather decisions when on the road or at a campsite. I provide credible, relevant and timely weather information, much of which is based on the National Weather Service’s official forecasts. On a case by case basis, I provide RV routing and consulting services to avoid or minimize exposure to hazardous weather

Armed with the right weather knowledge, you will face the challenges of the road with more confidence, enjoy greater peace of mind, and have a better experience on your RV journey.

What I Offer

September 2020 Grand Teton National Park
  • Daily short-term weather updates highlighting RV-relevant weather hazards
  • Periodic longer-range weather outlooks for advanced planning
  • Animation of weather so you can see how snow, rain, winds and temperatures might change along your route or at your location.
  • Continuously updated Twitter feeds collated from key National Weather Service sites. Get the latest
    • Tornado Watches & Warnings
    • Severe Thunderstorm Watches & Warning
    • Flash Flood Warnings
    • Fire weather
    • Hurricane advisories
    • Outlooks and general weather information
  • Weather safety tips
  • General weather information, trivia and tidbits
  • Routing and consulting services (by request and as time allows)

Is this really free?!

Yes — for now. My intention is to keep much of the current weather, warning and safety information free to anyone who may find this useful. As RV Weather grows it will have to become more than a hobby and financially ‘stand on its own two feet’.

My vision for a business model is inspired by Chris Dunphy and Cherie Ve Ard of ‘Technomadia‘ fame. They run the Mobile Internet Resource Center, which is a wealth of knowledge for how to stay connected on the road. The basics are all free, but for those who either need more, or simply want to support the effort, there are ways to both subscribe on a continuing basis or to make a one-time donation. Later in 2023 I will be charging for RV Weather services and information beyond that of the basic warnings and safety information.

More to follow as I gain experience!

Cool! But I’d like to support RVWeather today!

Thanks! Here are a few things you can do now!

  • Tell your RV’ing friends. It may be a cliche, but there is nothing better than word-of-mouth advertising. My RV Weather Facebook presence has grown steadily just from people liking and recommending the site.
  • If you have a website of your own, please link to RV Weather. Our robotic overlords at Google smile on such goodwill.
  • Like and follow the Facebook posts. Write a review!
  • Say thank you! Everyone likes to be appreciated for the work they do. I have received some very kind ‘thank you’ notes in the past, and they make the time and effort all worth it!
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A bit about me

I’m Dave Titley. My Mom said I hatched interested in the weather. All I know is working in weather was all I really wanted to do, and I have been exceptionally fortunate in making that my career. I joined the Navy’s ROTC program as a way to pay for college. Much to my surprise, a four year obligation turned into a 32-year career, and I retired as a Rear Admiral and the Oceanographer and Navigator of the Navy. In layman’s terms you could say I was the ‘head weather dude’ for the U.S. Navy.

After the Navy I served as NOAA’s Chief Operating Officer, so the Director of the National Weather Service was one of my direct reports. In 2013 Penn State made me an offer I couldn’t refuse, and I became a Professor of Practice in Meteorology for six years.

I now spend time volunteering for Grand Teton National Park, traveling the country in our 2017 Airstream, and working on improving my photography and website-building skills.

I have nearly 50 years of weather forecasting experience, and have forecast for almost every corner of the globe, mostly trying to keep ships, typhoons and bad weather apart from each other. When not thinking about weather (it happens occasionally!), my favorite days are filled with exploring new places in our Airstream, hiking the trails of Grand Teton, or catching that landscape image.


Along with my wife Kathy, we document our travels and adventures around North America in our 2017 Airstream on underwayshiftcolors.com.

We would love for you to follow our journey!

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