Weather for Planning

Animations and graphics spanning 3 days to 3 months

Weather for the next 3 to 7 days

Click on animations to control speed, start, stop, add layers such as interstates or counties, or zoom into a particular location. Works best on a laptop.

Expected Weather Hazards

Severe Weather Outlooks

Weather Type

Wind Gusts

Hurricane Outlook for the next 7 Days

Total Precipitation this week

24-hour Precipitation

24-hour Snow

High Temperatures

Low Temperatures

Departure from Normal

Longer Range Outlooks: 1 week to 3 months

6-10 Day Temperatures

8-14 Day Temperatures

8-14 Day High Wind Risk

3-4 Week Temperatures

1 Month Temperatures

3 Month Temperatures

6-10 Day Precipitation

8-14 Day Precipitation

8-14 Day Heavy Snow Risk

3-4 Week Precipitation

1 Month Precipitation

3 Month Precipitation