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Introducing RV Weather SureRouteTM

I ask that you submit your request at least 72 hours prior to your scheduled departure. It can take up to a day for me to process and respond to your initial request, depending on my work schedule.

I am at full capacity for RV routing and cannot accept any new routing requests for trips starting on or before Thursday 9 February 2023. If you have already submitted a request I will do that route unless you have heard otherwise from me. The animations and daily forecasts, hourly animations and weather graphics will continue to be updated.

Mother Nature does not always cooperate when we want to take our RV from ‘Point A’ to ‘Point B’. With some planning, knowlege, patience and flexibility though, we can still get to our destination and do it safely. The graphic above shows both some of the recent routes I’ve routed fellow RV’ers on this past winter, along with some of the weather we all encountered.

Based on the U.S. Navy’s ‘Optimum Track Ship Routing’ concepts, we can combine the use of time, distance, a detailed knowledge of the future weather, towing or driving abilities, and likely road and RV characteristics, all leavened with real-word RV experience, to devise a plan that both keeps you safe and gets you to your destination, albeit occasionally on a slightly modified route or schedule.

Currently, I am able to only provide Routing for the Lower 48 states.

Required Inputs

  • Starting point
  • Destination
  • Any waypoints to visit and desired dates
  • Starting date
  • Desired arrival date
  • Type of rig you are driving and/or towing
  • Preferred method of communication

How it Works

Once I have your inputs, I will send you an acknowledgement that I received your request. You are ‘in the cue’!

Three days prior to departures, I will give you a ‘Preliminary Route Recommendation (PRR). Sometimes I will do a PRR earlier or later, but I’ve found three days is a good balance between forecast accuracy and being useful to shape plans in advance. This is also a good time to confirm the route, the first few planned stops, and our method of communication.

Once we agree upon a route, I will send you a quick short-term update the night before your departure. I ask that when you stop for the evening, you let me know where you are, and where you hope to get to by the next day. I’ll give you an update either that evening or early morning. If the forecast changes (sometimes that happens!), I’ll make sure you know and we’ll figure out “Plan ‘B'” … or sometimes “Plan ‘C'”.

Although the Navy has done OTSR for decades, I’m still working through the details of exactly how best to apply the concept to RV’ers. I’m finding everyone is a bit different. Not only different rigs, but different styles of travel, different daily mileages, and different appetites for risk. Some RV’ers are looking for detailed an continuous support, while others just would like a one-time overview and check of their route. Different styles for different folks. I’m working through how I can best support these different needs.

Right now I can handle up to five simultaneous routes; I take them on a first-come, first served system. Have not had to turn anyone down yet, but get your request in early (please) so you are not ‘that person’ whom I have to decline!

I’m pretty flexible on how we can communicate. Texts, Facebook or WhatsApp messaging, or email all work.

How Much does this Service Cost?

Right now while the service is in ‘Beta Test Mode’, I am not charging any money. However, I may be asking for your feedback! How did you like it, and more importantly, what should be improved? Timeliness, clarity, accuracy, methods of communication? Help me make this service more useful to our fellow RV’ers!

What RV’ers are saying about RV Weather Routing Services…

…if you RV, you need to be following RV Weather…  David, the wizard behind the curtain, posts thorough weather forecasts regularly, specifically  with RV travel in mind.  I reached out with a question and really only hoped for a short, general answer.  What I got instead was expert, personalized advice (and a custom route) to help us successfully  avoid the storm that has crippled much of the US…

Pamela R

…The key thing is to time [winter towing] according to the forecast.  In the last two years, David Titley, a fellow Airstreamer and renowned meteorologist, had been instrumental in helping me with weather and route planning.

Jihong T

David has been helping us since we flew to FL to pick up our truck and trailer and drive back home to CA! … So nice to have an expert helping us out along the way.

Maureen G

David thanks again for your help in crossing the country to get back home to UT.  Could not have done it without your weather advice and route suggestions.  3200 miles in 6 days dodging 2 big storms and sub 25 degree temps.

Tony E

I am home!!  Few flurries today, but no problems!  I cannot thank you enough for your assistance 🙂

Gail B

Usually a week before my towing, I would let David know my start point, end point and considered route.  David would give me route and timing suggestions based on the weather and road conditions.

Even when I couldn’t be flexible and wait for better weather, he informed me where I would encounter the storm and how far or fast I would get out of it.

Jihong T

Other Services

Have a question about general or expected weather for a time of year for your trip? Any other weather-related questions? Perhaps I can help out. Contact me using the form below.

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  1. I just found this site due to a Youtube video by Keep Your Daydream. I just perused the site and all I can say is Bravo Zulu! What a great service you are providing. May our Lord Bless You! You are doing the Lord’s work!

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