Pricing as of Tuesday 28 November 2023

As I have mentioned, 2023 has been a transition year for RV Weather. We have formed a Joint Venture, and are transforming from a nice-to-do hobby to a real business, with real products, and real people developing and supporting those products. Accordingly, and like any other business, we need to make sure we can afford to compensate our highly skilled engineers and meteorologists, and ‘keep the lights on’ with all the software and business support that is required.

I mentioned in an earlier blog that we are introducing the new (and very cool!) RV-Integrated Weather Impact Product, and that we will be initially offering three subscription tiers:

For access to the basic National Weather Service products, including continuously updated Warnings and Advisories, formatted for RV’ers, with critical information all on one page, the subscription is FREE. Just sign up, but no credit card needed.

For access to the hand-written forecasts and all the short-term and medium-range weather graphics, the subscription rate is $5.99 / month or $59 / year.

For access to the Integrated Weather Impact Product (WILMA) plus all the forecasts and graphics, and an invitation to my private RV Weather Facebook Group for exclusive content and access, the subscription rate is $9.99 / month or $109 / year.

You can pause your subscription at any time.

Here’s the price chart for my manual or legacy routing service:

1-3 Days$129
4-7 Days$239
8-15 Days$349
16-30 Days$469
31-45 Days$619
46-60 Days$769
61-90 Days$999
91-120 Days$1199
121-150 Days$1399
151-180 Days$1599
Cost for manual (legacy) RV-SureRoute routing by trip length (in days)

It’s important to note that my capacity is limited for the manual routing option. Depending on the time of the year, the complexity of the routes, expected weather, and any other obligations, I am not able to take on any more than 8-10 RVers for manual routing at any given time.

My intention is that you will be able to pay for this service through an option in the paywall. There will be no passing credit card information back and forth; I will not be storing any credit card or your personal financial information on any RV Weather computers or databases.

Due to prior commitments, I will not be taking on any manual RV routings from 30 November – 30 December 2023.

Let me know if you have any questions!

I hope you can join me on this journey with a membership level that fully meets your needs.  Safe travels! — Dave

6 thoughts on “Pricing as of Tuesday 28 November 2023

  1. Thrilled to see that I’ll finally be able to pay you for all of your knowledge and assistance in helping to keep me safe on the road!

  2. Dave you have been so right on and I truly appreciate your service and guidance. We no longer have an RV. But I do still travel from Mesquite NV to Sandpoint, Idaho so what lane would you suggest I do only once per year.

    1. Thanks so much Barbara. The subscriptions will be by the month, so maybe just one month of our integrated weather impacts on travel product would be appropriate. We should have it out in beta test very soon!! Thanks again! Best, -Dave

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