Changes Coming to RV Weather

When you get to a fork in the road, take it.

Yogi Berra

As some of you know, RV Weather started one stormy night in May 2019 when, as RV newbies, we attended our first rally.  The rally site was on the edge of a tornado warning and there were already dozens of rigs in the field.  It was (of course) at night in the middle of a three-day weekend.  I took to the Facebook Group ‘Airstream Addicts’ to try to both warn and help our fellow Airstreamers through that night.  Later that year, an Airstreamer asked me to help route her through winter conditions in the West to allow her to reach some ski areas.

From those humble beginnings, RV Weather has grown to thousands of RV’ers each day receiving the daily forecast highlighting weather hazards along the road.  Over the past two years RV Weather has provided routing recommendations to hundreds of RV’ers, who safely reached their destinations while avoiding blizzards, hurricanes, windstorms and other sundry weather hazards.  Thank you to all who subscribed or who have taken the chance with my routing service.  RV Weather is already much bigger than I could ever imagine.

RV Weather has grown to the point where I can no longer continue to sustain it indefinitely as a one-person hobby.  I am now developing select strategic business partnerships which will enable RV Weather to continue as your travel weather resource and provide expanded, innovative services and products through a new membership program, irrespective of who is on shift that day.

Everyone will continue to have free access to a snapshot of the current weather conditions, including real-time radar, wind gusts, temperatures and visibility, along with continually updated graphics of today’s hazardous weather outlooks and warnings issued by the National Weather Service.

In a few months, you will have the opportunity to join one of my fee-based membership tiers that will unlock access to the daily short-range forecasts and periodic longer-range forecasts, greatly enhanced graphics, and animations that you can control.  In the latter half of this year, I intend to introduce brand-new products to help you optimize your route, while keeping you safe and ‘weather-wise’ when traveling or camping.  I will continue to offer personalized routing (and sometimes coaching!), but these services will also become fee based.

These products will both strengthen the long-term viability of RV Weather and will allow me to more fully reach RV Weather’s vision:  A suite of products and services that will give all RV’ers knowledge, peace of mind, confidence, and freedom from the stress of ever-changing weather while traveling or camping, whatever the season.

I hope you can join me on this journey with a membership level that fully meets your needs.  Safe travels! — Dave

26 thoughts on “Changes Coming to RV Weather

  1. Hope I can join your paid membership by Mid-June when I start a four month trip again.

    My last five month trip was so much more enjoyable knowing what to expect weather wise.

    I have mentioned you on a women’s
    blog for Stella’s Sisters and other women’s camping groups.

    1. Thanks very much Lynda! I’m not exactly sure of the timing – but all the existing products will continue, whether they are inside or outside the paywall…

  2. Congratulations on your success! It’s not surprising because it is a much needed service. The information provided saved me from some nasty weather. Thank you!

  3. Glad it is expanding so nicely!! I was one of those folks at the rally watching your information diligently most of that night. It was a crazy one for sure! Look forward to the details as they come out.

      1. I’ll look forward to officially joining your membership. Your thorough assessment and guidance , as i made my way across country in early March, as a solo traveller, was life saving. You are a wealth of information, a gentleman and a scholar..

      2. Thanks so much Kathleen! Very glad to hear the site was and is helpful to you. Look forward to you joining in the next phase! Safe travels!

  4. Love your product. I am an RV’er and also Situational Awareness for the Red Cross. I use it for both purposes! Any thoughts about including Canada and Alaska? Headed to Alaska this summer. Thanks!!!!

    1. Hi Paul — thanks for the kind words; I’m glad you find the site to be useful. I do want to add routing services to AK, Canada and northern Mexico. We will roll out some new products this fall. Assuming they work as we think they will, we will likely expand the geographic reach in 2024. Safe travels!

  5. Hi Dave – have you talked with Joel Gratz who took “Open Snow” from hobby to fee based service? He might have some experiences to share. Tim Spangler

  6. Dave, glad to hear you’re growing and changing to meet the demand. I look forward to hearing more as your plans come to fruition. Keep it fun!

  7. Great idea. It’s about time. You do such a great job with the resources you have. I can’t wait to see what you can do with enhanced resources and a team led by you. Thank you! I can’t wait to sign up for your new services.

  8. Your guidance was greatly appreciated as we navigated around extremely windy weather last year. I’m happy to see so many others appreciate your knowledge and advice! Best of luck with your new endeavors!

  9. I used your guidance twice to perfection and will continue to do so, no matter the cost.

    Good luck David.

    1. Thank you so much for the support Herry! Glad you found the routing forecasts and service to be of value to you.

      Safe travels — Dave

  10. Thanks for what you do Dave. I have recently starting forwarding your daily forecast to my brother who is travelling cross-country on his motorcycle. (Washington State to Maryland, and back). Travel concerns among RV’rs are probably even more important to our 2 wheel friends on the road. I’m sure he uses the information to his benefit. Thanks again

    1. Thanks very much for the information and feedback Marc. My brother also rides and he tells me how weather sensitive riding motorcycles can be. This market is definitely on our scope – but probably not until next year, as we need to scale up the products for RV’ers first. Thanks again! Best, -Dave

      1. We’re in, you got us through a rough cross country trip on I-80 last April, dodging high winds and even a blizzard! Grateful for your work and expertise!!

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