Travel & RV Weather Forecast Wednesday 30 March

  • ** High Impact Weather Day **
  • Very difficult travel conditions across much of the Central and east-Central U.S.
    • Widespread very strong winds with gusts 40-55 mph from the Gulf Coast to the Great Lakes and eastward to the Appalachians.
    • Significant severe weather likely through tonight across the Lower Mississippi Valley and Deep South.
    • Snow in the Upper Midwest.
    • Freezing rain and ice across most of Michigan, northern Wisconsin and western Pennsylvania.

  • Rain and higher elevations snows move into the Pacific Northwest later today and tonight.
  • Some snow Thursday for the Northern Rockies.
  • Strong to high winds continue on Thursday, impacting much of the East.
  • Slight risk of severe thunderstorms tomorrow across both parts of the Southeast and northern Mid-Atlantic States.

Changes to the web-site! I have moved most of the routine graphics that had been at the bottom of each forecast onto a set of tabs on the homepage. Additionally, many of these tabs now update automatically with the latest graphic, rather than a manual process.

All the information (and more!) you have come to expect is still here. Here are permanent bookmarks for animations, the short-range graphics (what had been attached to each forecast) and the medium-range graphics.

The daily forecasts will now be much lower bandwidth and have many fewer graphics. Those graphics will be targeted to specific weather situations of interest for that particular forecast. Let me know what you think of the changes!!

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For detailed weather information or routing recommendations, please submit an RV Weather Routing Request. Your local forecasts are always available here. Below are some highlights of significant weather, grouped by time zone:


— WA Northern and Central Cascades: Some wet snow above 3000 feet this afternoon and tonight. Accumulations 2-5 inches. I-90 marginally impacted at Pass level. Advisories possible.


— Northeast WY, adjacent west-central SD Black Hills: Winter Weather Advisories through midday today. Additional accumulations of 2-4 inches possible. Gusts to 35 mph. I-90 impacted.

— West-central and southwest CO: Winter Weather Advisories through midday today above 9000 feet. An additional 1-3 inches snow likely. I-70 impacted.

Northeast NM and adjacent CO Ratan Pass: Winter Weather Advisory through midnight tonight. 1-3 inches snow combined with wind gusts to 50 mph will make for hazardous travel. I-25 impacted.

— Parts of northwest, central and northeast NM: Wind Advisories today. Gusts 50-55 mph. I-25, I-40 impacted.


— Northeast SD; southeast ND; parts of west-central and northern MN; northern WI: Ice Storm Warning (northwest WI) and Winter Weather Advisories through early this afternoon. 1-3 inches of snow and freezing rain. Ice may accumulate 1-2 tenths of an inch. I-35, I-90 impacted.

— Portions of west-central and south-central SD: Wind Advisories through this afternoon. Gusts to 45 mph. I-90 impacted.

— Northeast NE: Wind Advisory through mid-morning. Gusts to 45 mph. I-35 impacted.

— Central and south-central KS; central OK: Wind Advisories through this evening. Gusts to 45 mph. I-35, I-40, I-44, I-70 impacted.

— Northern TX, excluding the Panhandle: Wind Advisories through this afternoon. Gusts to 45 mph. I-27 impacted.

South-central MO; much of AK; northeast TX; northern LA: TORNADO WATCH through early this afternoon. A few tornadoes are likely. Thunderstorm wind gusts to 80 mph and quarter-sized hail possible. I-20, I-30, I-40, I-49 potentially impacted.

Eastern IL; southwest MO; western KY; AR; western and central TN; LA; MS; AL; FL Panhandle: High Wind Warnings (southern and eastern LA; MS; western TN; northwest AL) and Wind Advisories through this evening. Widespread gusts 40-55 mph. This winds will precede any thunderstorms or severe weather. All highways in this region, including I-10, I-20, I-30, I-40, I-55, I-70 significantly impacted.

Southeast MO; southwest KY; eastern AR; western and central TN; LA; MS; AL: Expect a significant outbreak of severe weather including potentially strong, longer-lived tornadoes through tonight. Areas at greatest risk are in eastern LA, MS, western TN and western AL.


MI north of Lansing: Ice Storm Warnings (northern LP, eastern UP), Winter Weather Advisories and Winter Storm Watch (UP) today. Winter Storm Watch for tonight and Thursday. 1-3 inches of snow, sleet and freezing rain. Ice accumulations may be up to 1/4 of an inch in northern and eastern MI. Wind gusts to 40 mph. Up to 10 inches snow possible on the UP tonight and Thursday. I-69, I-75, I-94, I-96 impacted.

IN (expect northern-most part of state); western OH; central and eastern KY; eastern TN; southwest VA; western NC; southwest GA: High Wind Warnings (TN/NC border, southwest VA) and Wind Advisories this afternoon and tonight. Wind gusts generally 45-55 mph, but expect gusts to 65 mph in southwest VA and up to 90 mph along the TN/NC border. All highways in this region, including I-24, I-40, I-64, I-65, I-75, I-81 significantly impacted.

— Western NY south of I-90 and west of I-81; western and central PA; northeast OH; western MD: Winter Weather Advisories this morning. A light glaze of snow, sleet and freezing rain will make untreated roads slick. I-68, I-70, I-76 / PA Turnpike, I-79, I-80, I-90 / NY Thruway potentially impacted.

— Western NY along Lake Erie: Wind Advisory tonight. Gusts to 50 mph. I-90 / NY Thruway impacted.

Eastern PA; western NJ; most of MD; northern and central VA; southeastern GA; northern FL: Severe thunderstorms possible on Thursday.

NY; CT; MA; RI; NJ; MD; PA; DE; VA; NC; eastern SC; eastern GA: Expect strong winds Thursday late morning through evening across much of the East. Gusts 40-50 mph. Widespread impacts for RV’s on any of the major highways in the East, including I-40, I-70, I-80, I-81, I-85, I-90, I-95

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