Travel & RV Weather Forecast Tuesday 5 April

** High Impact Weather Days today and Wednesday ** Dangerously high winds from the Rockies eastward to I-29. Severe weather outbreak happening today over the Central Gulf Coast, moving into the Southeast Atlantic States.

  • Dangerously high winds expand to the Northern and Central Plains this afternoon and continue through Wednesday.
  • Snow in the mountains of Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado and northeast Utah.
  • A broad area of severe thunderstorm potential exists today from the Central Gulf Coast to the Carolinas.

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For detailed weather information or routing recommendations, please submit an RV Weather Routing Request. Your local forecasts are always available here. Below are some highlights of significant weather, grouped by time zone:


— Northwest WA Mason County: Flood Watch continues through this afternoon for excessive river runoff.

— Central and southeast WA; north-central OR: Wind Advisories today. Gusts 45-50 mph. I-82, I-84, I-90 impacted.

Southern CA Ventura and Los Angeles County Mountains: High Wind Warnings through late tonight. Gusts 50-65mph. I-5, I-10, US-101 impacted.


Most of MT; southwest ND; most of WY; western SD; western NE; southwest ID; portions of central and northern UT; large portions of CO, especially along and east of I-25; northwest AZ; northern, central and eastern NM: High Wind Warnings, Watches and Advisories through Wednesday. Widespread area of dangerously high wind gusts 50-65 mph; localized areas will see wind gusts of 80 mph or greater. Some of the strongest winds will be over eastern WY, eastern CO, western NE and western KS. Most highways in the mountain time zone impacted, including I-40, I-70, I-76, I-80, I-90, I-94, I-15, I-25.

— Central ID; western MT; northwest WY: Winter Weather Advisories continue through lunchtime today. A few more inches of snow possible. Wind gusts to 35 mph. I-15, I-90 impacted.

— Northeast MT Valley County: Winter Weather Advisory through tonight. Up to 5 inches snow expected with winds 20-40 mph.

— Southeast MT Carter and Fallon Counties; northeast WY and adjacent west-central SD: Winter Weather Advisory tonight through Wednesday evening. 2-4 inches new snow and wind gusts to 65 mph. I-90 impacted.

— Northeast UT western Unita Mountains: Winter Weather Advisories through tonight. Up to 4 inches additional accumulation possible. I-80 impacted.

Central and north-central CO Rockies: Winter Weather Advisories through tonight. 4-8 inches snow expected with wind gusts to 70 mph. Travel extremely difficult or not possible. I-70 impacted.


Southern ND; SD; western and central NE; western KS: High Wind Warnings through Thursday. Gusts 55-75 mph. Dangerous travel conditions with high cross-winds. I-29, I-40, I-70, I-80, I-90, I-94 impacted.

— TX southern portion of Panhandle: Wind Advisory today. Gust to 50 mph. I-27 impacted.

— North-central MN: Winter Weather Advisory today. 2-4 inches snow and wind gusts to 40 mph.

— MN Arrowhead: Winter Storm Warning tonight and Wednesday. 4-7 inches snow and gusts to 40 mph

Southeast LA; central and southern MS: Tornado Watch through late morning. A few tornadoes possible. I-10, I-12, I-20, I-49, I-55, I-59 potentially impacted.

Southeast MS; southern AL; western FL Panhandle: Tornado Watch through early afternoon. A few tornadoes likely. I-10, I-65, I-85 potentially impacted.

Southern and central AL; FL Panhandle: Severe thunderstorms, with the potential for damaging winds gusts and several tornadoes late this morning through this evening. I-10, I-65 potentially impacted.


GA, northern FL; southern SC: Severe thunderstorms, with damaging wind gusts and several tornadoes, are possible later today and tonight. I-16, I-26, I-75, I-95 potentially impacted.

— Southwest GA, north-central FL; southeast AL: Flood Watch through Thursday morning from 2-4 inches of expected rainfall. I-10, I-75 potentially impacted.

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