Travel & RV Weather Forecast Monday 13 February

** Heads Up ** Expect high winds and extensive snowfall tonight and Tuesday over much of the West, Southwest, and Rockies. All east-west interstates impacted; all north-south interstates west of I-35 impacted.

  • Winter conditions return to the West, Southwest and Rockies, and continue through Tuesday. High winds and mountain snows will impact all interstates west of I-35.
  • Expect a significant severe weather threat to develop Wednesday and Thursday from northeast Texas, eastward to the Gulf Coast, and north to the Ohio Valley and Great Lakes.

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Coastal WA; northern Puget Sound: Wind Advisories this afternoon and early tonight. Gusts 45-60 mph. Highest winds along the Pacific Coast. US-101 impacted.

WA Cascades: Winter Storm Warnings and Advisories though tonight. Up to 18 inches snow. Wind gusts to 40 mph. I-90 impacted.

Southwest WA; western OR; northern and northwest CA, including Siskiyou Pass: Winter Storm Warnings and Advisories this morning through Tuesday. Snow accumulations generally 6 inches or less below 2000 feet and up to 18 inches at higher elevations. Wind gusts 35-40 mph. I-5, I-84, US-101 impacted.

Northeast OR Blue Mountains and adjacent southeast WA: Winter Storm Warning through tonight. Snowfall 8-14 inches. Wind gusts to 40 mph. I-84 impacted.

— North-central and northeast OR: Wind Advisory this afternoon and tonight. Gusts to 45 mph. I-84, US-97, US-395 impacted.

— Central and northern coastal CA; portions of northern and northwest CA: Wind Advisories this afternoon through early Tuesday. Gusts 40-50 mph. I-5, US-101, CA-1 impacted.

Much of northern NV: Wind Advisories this evening through Tuesday. Gusts to 55 mph. I-80, US-93, US-95 impacted.

Much of southern NV; southeast CA north of I-10; adjacent west-central AZ: High Wind Warnings and Advisories tonight and Tuesday. Gusts 50-60 mph. I-15, I-40, US-93, US-95, US-395, CA-58 impacted.

Southern CA Ventura, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego County Mountains: High Wind Warnings late tonight through Tuesday evening. Gusts 70-80 mph. I-5, I-8, I-10, I-15, US-101 impacted.


Northwest MT along and east of the Rocky Mountain Front; central MT: High Wind Warnings continue through this afternoon. Gusts 60-80 mph. I-15, US-89 impacted.

South-central MT Livingston and Beartooth Foothills: Wind Advisory continues through this afternoon. Gusts 50-60 mph. I-90 impacted.

North-central and eastern ID; northwest MT along and east of the Rocky Mountain Front; most of central and southern MT: Winter Storm Warnings (southern MT) and Advisories late this afternoon through Tuesday night. Snow accumulations mostly 4-11 inches with wind gusts 35-45 mph. I-15, I-90, I-94 impacted.

Northern and western WY; west-central and northwest SD: A combination of Winter Storm Warnings, Watches and Advisories Tuesday and Tuesday night. Snow accumulations 2-8 inches and winds gusting 40-60 mph. I-25, I-90, US-89 impacted.

Much of southern ID: Wind Advisories this evening and tonight. Gusts 45-55 mph. I-84 impacted.

Central and south-central WY: High Wind Watch Tuesday evening through Wednesday morning. Gusts to 60 mph. I-80 impacted.

Southeast WY: High Wind Watches late tonight through Tuesday afternoon. Gusts to 60 mph. I-25, I-80 impacted.

Southern UT; central and southern CO: Winter Storm Watches Tuesday and Wednesday. Snow accumulations will range from 6-12 inches in the mountains to 3-7 inches over the Plains. Wind gusts 30-45 mph. I-25, I-70 impacted.

Portions of southeast AZ: High Wind Watch Tuesday afternoon and Tuesday night. Gusts to 60 mph. I-10 impacted.

West-central and much of eastern NM: High Wind Watches late tonight through Tuesday. Gusts 60-65 mph. I-25, I-40 impacted.

Southern NM and far-west TX: Wind Advisory this afternoon and evening. Gusts to 50 mph. I-10 impacted.

Much of northern and east-central AZ: Winter Storm Warnings Tuesday and Tuesday night. 4-10 inches of snow will be common above 5000 feet. Wind gusts to 45 mph and wind chill values as low as -15 deg F. I-17, I-40 impacted.

— Portions of central, east-central and southeast AZ above 5000 feet: Winter Weather Advisory this afternoon and early tonight. 2-5 inches of snow expected. I-40 marginally impacted.

— Portions of north-central NM: Winter Storm Warnings midday today through late tonight. Up to 12 inches of snow above 8500 feet. Wind gusts to 55 mph.


Much of eastern ND; northwest MN; northeast SD: Winter Storm Watches Tuesday evening through Wednesday morning. 1-4 inches of snow and wind gusts to 60 mph. I-29, I-94 impacted.

Western KS: Winter Storm Watch Tuesday evening through Wednesday night. 5-7 inches snow and wind gusts to 45 mph. I-70 impacted.

Western TX Guadalupe, Delaware, and Davis Mountains: High Wind Warnings this evening through Tuesday evening. Wind gusts 75-90 mph. Highest in Guadalupe mountains. Wind gusts to 65 mph across the interstates. I-10, I-20 (including the split) impacted.

Much of northeast, northern, western and central TX; OK (except Panhandle); southeast KS; southwest and south-central MO; central and northern AR: High Wind Warnings (western TX and TX Panhandle) and Advisories Tuesday and Tuesday night. Gusts 40-65 mph. I-10, I-20, I-30, I-35, I-40, I-44 impacted.

— Northeast TX; southeast OK; AR; northern LA; northwest MS; western TN: Widely scattered severe thunderstorms possible Wednesday afternoon and Wednesday night. I-20, I-30, I-35, I-40, I-49, I-55 potentially impacted.


— Northern NY Adirondack Mountains; northern VT: Some snow late tonight and Tuesday. Generally 1-3 inch accumulation. I-87, I-89, I-91 impacted.

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