Travel & RV Weather Forecast a.m. Wednesday 9 February

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  • Unseasonable heat in California through Sunday may result in widespread record high temperatures.
  • Periods of mixed rain and snow are expected from the northern Plains to the Great Lakes the next couple of days.
  • High winds Thursday spread across the Northern Plains.

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Here’s the long-range travel & RV weather outlook (to be updated this evening)

— Northwest OR central and southern Willamette Valley: Dense Fog Advisory through midday today. I—5 impacted.

— Southern CA Coastal areas: Heat Advisory through Sunday evening. High temperatures mid to upper 80’s.

— Southern CA coastal valleys and mountains from Santa Monica Mountains and Ventura County in the north to San Diego County in the south: Wind Advisories for Santa Ana winds through Thursday. Gusts to 50 mph. I-5, I-8, I-10, I-15 impacted.

— Northwest MT along and to the east of the Rocky Mountain Front: High Wind Warning tonight through Thursday evening. Gusts 65-70 mph. I-15 impacted.

— Central and south-central MT: High Wind Warnings and Wind Advisories Thursday and Thursday evening. Gusts to 60 mph. I-90 impacted in the Livingston and Beartooth Foothills regions.

— Southeast WY: High Wind Watches late tonight through Thursday night. Gusts to 65 mph. I-25, I-80 impacted.

— West-central SD northern and central Black Hills: Winter Weather Advisory this afternoon and tonight. Up to 6 inches of snow expected. I-90 is on the northern border of this advisory.

— Eastern ND; northern and central MN; most of WI and MI: Clipper system moves through with 1-3 inches snow Thursday and Thursday night. Advisories will likely be issued later today or tonight. I-35, I-75, I-90, I-94 potentially impacted.

— Much of PA, NY and interior New England: A mix of light rain, sleet and snow Wednesday night and Thursday. Accumulations range from a coating to 2 inches. Advisories unlikely, except in favored lake effect snow regions of western NY.

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