Travel & RV Weather Forecast a.m. Monday 15 November 2021

  • Heavy rains and high elevation snows continue for Washington and Oregon today.
  • Dangerously high winds move across the Pacific Northwest and into the Northern Rockies this afternoon and Tuesday.
  • Low pressure brings a rain-snow mix to the Eastern Great Lakes and Northeast today.

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— Western WA from the Puget Sound northwards: Flood Watches and Advisories through Tuesday afternoon. River runoff combined with additional heavy rains expected tonight and Sunday create high potential for flooding conditions. I-5, I-90 potentially impacted.

— Coastal WA and Coastal OR: High Wind Warnings and Wind Advisories through early this afternoon. Gusts to 50-70 mph. US-101 impacted.

— Western WA Puget Sound and I-5 corridor, northwest OR I-5 corridor: High Wind Warnings and Wind Advisories today. Gusts. 50-60 mph. I-5, I-90 impacted.

— Central WA Northern Cascades: Winter Weather Advisory this afternoon through Tuesday morning. 6-8 inches snow likely.

— Central and eastern WA, north-central OR: High Wind Warnings and Wind Advisories through this evening. Gusts 50-60 mph. I-84, I-90 impacted.

— Southeast OR: Wind Advisories this afternoon and tonight. Gusts to 50 mph.

— CA Sacramento and San Joaquin Valleys: Dense Fog Advisories through midday. I-5, I-80, CA-99 impacted.

— Northern and central ID: High Wind Warnings and Wind Advisories this afternoon through early tonight. Gusts 45-60 mph; highest winds north. I-90 impacted.

— Southeast and south-central ID: Wind Advisory today and Tuesday. Gusts to 45 mph. I-15, I-84 impacted.

— All of MT, except for the southwest corner of the state: High Wind Warnings through Tuesday. Gusts 60-65, except 90-110 mph along the Rocky Mountain Front. I-15, I-90, I-94 impacted.

— Northwest, central, south-central and southeast WY: High Wind Warnings and Watches this afternoon through Tuesday afternoon. Gusts 60-75 mph. I-25 I-80 impacted. Extreme risk for vehicle rollovers on I-25 between mile markers 40 and 80. High risk also on I-80 between mile markers 320 and 355.

— Western and central ND, northwest and north-central SD: High Wind Watches for Tuesday. Gusts 60-65 mph. I-94 impacted. I-90 just to the south of the watch area.

— Coastal southwest LA and adjacent TX: Dense Fog Advisory through midmorning. I-10 impacted.

— Eastern Upper Peninsula MI, along Lake Superior: Winter Weather Advisory through midmorning. 1-3 inches additional accumulation.

— Northern Lower Peninsula MI: Winter Weather Advisory today. 1-5 inches snow.

— Eastern WV, far-western MD: Winter Weather Advisories this afternoon through midmorning. 1-2 inches additional accumulation and wind gusts to 45 mph. I-68 impacted.

— Southwest VA, northwest NC: Wind Advisories from Roanoke southwestward to Asheville through midmorning. Gusts to 50 mph. I-40, I-77, I-81 marginally impacted.

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