Travel & RV Weather Forecast a.m. Monday 13 December 2021

** High Impact Weather for California today and tonight **

** Heads up: High Winds sweep across the Central U.S. on Wednesday **

  • A series of major winter storms continue to impact the west and California in particular, with flooding rains, feet of snow and high winds.
  • A large-scale high wind event will sweep across the central U.S. from New Mexico to Iowa Tuesday night and Wednesday.
  • The East remains quiet.

For details, check out the latest weather animations.

Here’s the long-range travel & RV weather outlook (updated Sunday 12 December)

— North-central WA: Winter Weather Advisory through midday. 1-3 inches snow in the valleys and 5-7 inches at higher elevations.

— Northwest OR Coastal Range and extreme southwest WA Coastal Range: Winter Weather Advisories above 1500 feet. Up to 3-6 inches snow. Snow levels between 1500-2000 feet.

— OR Central and Northern Cascades: Winter Weather Advisories through midnight tonight. Snow levels 1500-2000 feet. Additional accumulation of 6-14 inches snow expected.

— Southeast OR, southwest ID: Wind Advisory midday today and tonight. Gusts to 50 mph. I-84 is to the north of the warned area.

— South-central and southwest OR, northern CA, CA Sierra Nevada Range: Winter Storm Warnings through Tuesday evening. Total snow accumulations of 2-4 feet and 4-8 feet above 7000 feet. Wind gusts of 40-50 mph possible in lower elevations and up to 100 mph along the ridge lines. I-5, I-80, US-50 highly impacted and will likely be closed. See CALTRANS Road Conditions for up to date road information.

— Wind Advisories for the Sacramento and San Joaquin Valleys through this evening. Gusts 45-50 mph. I-5, I-80, CA-99 impacted.

— Central CA: High Wind Warnings and Wind Advisories through this evening. Gusts 45-65 mph. US-101, CA-1 impacted.

— Central CA Coast between Monterey and Santa Barbara: Flash Flood Watches through early Tuesday morning. Heavy rains may create flash flooding, especially over burn scars. CA-1 highly impacted. As of Monday morning, CALTRANS has preemptively closed portions of CA-1 for bad weather.

— Most of southern CA: High Wind Warnings and Wind Advisories Tuesday midday through early Wednesday morning. Gusts 45-60 mph. I-8, I-10, I-15, I-40, US-395, CA-58 impacted.

— Southern CA Mountains above 6000 feet: Winter Storm Warnings tonight through Tuesday night: Several inches snow above 6000-7000 feet. I-5, I-10, I-15 impacted.

— South-central OR: Winter Storm Warnings and Advisories through Monday night. 6-16 inches snow expected. Snow tapers off this morning but resumes Sunday evening.

— Northern CA above 3000 feet: Winter Storm Warnings through Monday night. 10-30 inches snow expected. Snow tapers off this morning but resumes Sunday night. I-5 highly impacted.

— CA Sierra Nevada Mountains above 3500 feet: Winter Storm Warnings through Tuesday night. Expect an additional 3-5 feet of snow with some locations seeing 6 feet. Gusts to 50 mph in lower elevations and wind gusts to 100 mph at the higher peaks. Expect I-80, US-50 and other major passes will be shut down during this storm.

— CA Sacramento and San Joaquin Valleys: Wind Advisories Monday. Gusts 45-50. I-5, I-80, CA-99 impacted.

— CA Central Coast including the Bay Area: Wind Advisory this afternoon through Monday morning. Gusts to 55 mph. I-80, US-101 impacted.

— CA southern Central Coast, San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Mountains: High Wind Watch Monday evening through Tuesday morning. Gusts to 60 mph. US-101 impacted.

— Southern CA northeast of Los Angeles and San Diego County mountains and deserts: High Wind Watches late Monday night through Tuesday night. Gusts 65-75 mph. I-8, I-15 impacted.

— Southern ID north of I-84, southwest MT: Winter Storm Warnings (ID) and Advisories through Tuesday evening. Additional accumulations of 3-8 inches in lower elevations and 1-2 feet above 6000 feet. I-15, I-90 impacted.

— Most of NV: Winter Storm Warnings and Advisories Tuesday. Expect 2-7 inches of snow below 6500 feet and 6-24 inches above 6500 feet. Winds gusting to 60 mph at higher elevations. I-80, US-50 impacted.

— West-central NV: High Wind Warning through this evening. Gusts to 60 mph. US-95 impacted.

— East-central NV: Wind Advisory tonight. Gusts to 50 mph. US-50 impacted.

— Western UT: High Wind Watch for Tuesday: Gusts to 55 mph or more. I-80 impacted. I-15 on eastern edge of Watch area.

— Southwest UT Southern Mountains: Winter Storm Watch Tuesday afternoon through Wednesday morning. 1-2 feet snow possible. I-15 impacted.

— Southern NV, western AZ: Wind Advisories for Tuesday. Gust to 50 mph. I-8, I-10, I-15, I-40 impacted.

— Higher elevations of central, eastern and northeast AZ: Winter Weather Advisories Tuesday evening through midday Wednesday: Up to 4-8 inches snow above 6500 feet and wind gusts up to 65 mph will create extensive blowing and drifting of snow. I-17, I-40 impacted.

— Central, northeast and east-central AZ: High Wind Watches and Advisories Tuesday evening through Wednesday morning. Gusts. 50-65 mph. I-8, I-10, I-17, I-40 all impacted.

— Portions of central, southern and eastern WY: High Wind Warnings and Watches through Tuesday evening. Gusts 60-75 mph. I-25, I-80 impacted.

— Southwest CO San Juan Mountains: Winter Storm Watch Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday above 8500 feet. 8-14 inches snow combined with gusts to 70 mph.

— Eastern and southeast CO; central and northeast NM; TX and OK Panhandles; most of KS; southern and central NE; southwest, central and northeast IA; northwest MO; southeast MN: High Wind Warnings (CO) and Watches. Very high winds spread across the central US from west to east Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday. Widespread wind gusts of 60-70 mph. I-25, I-29, I-35, I-40, I-70, I-80, I-90 will all be impacted.

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