Travel & RV Weather Extended Outlook updated p.m. Wednesday 1 December 2021

Friday 3 December – Wednesday 8 December

Extended outlooks are more general in nature than the daily short term forecasts. Beyond a week, there is often significant uncertainty in the location and intensity of specific weather events. I will note where there is less, or greater, confidence than normal in these extended outlooks.

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Here is the latest short term weather forecast.

  • Weather pattern becomes more active next week with a series of strong storms moving quickly across the country.
  • Some snow in the northern-most portions of the country; periodic high winds over the Rockies.
  • Much of the US remains warmer than normal for early December.

Outlook for Friday – Sunday 3-5 December:

— Low pressure moves into Washington State early Saturday bringing rain to western WA.

— Snow spreads eastward Saturday and Sunday from the inter-mountain states to the western Great Lakes. Heaviest amounts along the US – Canadian border.

— High winds over the Northern Rockies and High Plains of MT and WY Saturday afternoon through early Sunday.

— Low pressure develops over WI Sunday, bringing rain to the Upper Mississippi River Valley and Midwest, and snow to the northern Great Lakes.

Outlook for Monday – Wednesday 6-8 December:

— Strong Pacific storm moves into the northwest and northern CA Monday and Monday night. Slightly cooler temperatures, so more snow at higher elevations.

— The low pressure strengthens on Monday and moves up the St. Lawrence Seaway, bringing strong winds, mostly rain, and some snow to the Northeast.

— Strong winds Monday afternoon and evening across the eastern Great Lakes States and central Appalachians.

— Lake effect snows likely Monday night and Tuesday.

— Snow spreads across the Northern Plains Tuesday and another storm develops over WI Tuesday night.

— Strong to high winds Tuesday across the CO and NM Rocky Mountain Front Ranges.

— On Wednesday a significant storm moves through the Great Lakes, bringing strong winds, rain and thunderstorms to the southeast and mid-atactic states, and snow, sleet, freezing rain and rain to the Northeast.

— Wednesday will be very windy across much of the Pacific Northwest, the Inter-mountain west and along the Rockies from MT southward to NM.

Here is the temperature and precipitation outlooks for Wednesday – Sunday 1-5 December

Here is the temperature and precipitation outlooks for Tuesday – Saturday 7-11 December

Here is the temperature and precipitation outlooks for Thursday – Wednesday 9-15 December

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