Travel & RV Weather Extended Outlook through Wednesday 6 April

Quieter weather – at least until next week…

Extended outlooks are more general in nature than the daily short term forecasts. Beyond a week, there is often significant uncertainty in the location and intensity of specific weather events. I will note where there is less, or greater, confidence than normal in these extended outlooks.

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Here is the latest short term weather forecast.

Changes to the web-site! I have moved most of the routine graphics that had been at the bottom of each forecast onto a set of tabs on the homepage. Additionally, many of these tabs now update automatically with the latest graphic, rather than relying on a manual process.

All the information (and more!) you have come to expect is still here. Here are permanent bookmarks for animations, the short-range graphics, and the medium-range graphics (what had been attached to these extended outlooks).

  • Unsettled weather through the weekend, but weak weather systems should not severely impact RV travel.
  • Stronger storm impacts the Pacific Northwest on Monday, spreading snow to the Cascades and Northern and Central Rockies, and high winds throughout the Northern Rockies and western High Plains early next week.
  • Heavy rain over the Gulf Coast on Monday spreads north and east the first part of next week. Will have to watch for embedded severe weather but more localized than the severe weather we are experiencing this week.
  • California remains dry.
  • Warmer than average from California to Texas; a bit cooler than average in the Pacific Northwest and most of the East.

Significant weather to watch out for:


— Generally quiet weather. Some lingering snow showers and blustery over northern NY and interior New England.


— Some light rain and snow for the Northern Rockies.

— Rain for WA

— Rain for the upper Mississippi Valley and snow for the MI Upper Peninsula.


— Rain, with some snow mixed in, for NY, NJ, PA and southern New England.

— Light rain and snow for the Northern Plains and Central Rockies.


— A strong storm brings heavy rain and mountain snow to OR and WA. Snow spreads eastward into ID and western MT.

— Strong winds develop across the Pacific Northwest and into the Northern Rockies.

— A weaker storm brings rain and snow to the Midwest, with rain and rain showers stretching back into the Southern Plains.


— Strong and high winds across the Northern Rockies.

— Expect accumulating snows for the Cascades, ID, MT and WY.

— A storm spreads rain over the Lower Mississippi Valley. The rain spreads to the Southeast and into the Ohio Valley. Rain may be heavy at times. Will also need to watch out for the possibility of embedded strong or severe thunderstorms.


— Expect high winds to move across the western High Plains.

— Rain moves into the Northeast and across the Eastern Seaboard. Rain may be heavy at times.

— Another storm develops over the Northern Plains. This storm brings rain and snow to the Northern Plains, Upper Mississippi Valley and Upper Midwest.

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