Travel & RV Weather Extended Outlook through Wednesday 4 May

I’m RV’ing through parts of New Mexico, Arizona, Utah and Wyoming this Thursday – Saturday, 28-30 April. Some updates and responses may be delayed due to limited communications!

A series of storms moving west to east, all bringing a combination of high elevation snows, heavy rains, severe thunderstorms and strong winds.

Extended outlooks are more general in nature than the daily short term forecasts. Beyond a week, there is often significant uncertainty in the location and intensity of specific weather events. I will note where there is less, or greater, confidence than normal in these extended outlooks.

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  • Above normal rainfall for the Pacific Northwest, Northern Rockies and Northern Plains.
  • Some severe weather threat most days in the central part of the country.
  • Snows continue in the higher elevations of the Northern and Central Rockies.
  • Periodic strong winds over much of the West and Southwest, and Northern and Central Plains.
  • I-70 is the general boundary between cooler than average (to the north) and warmer than average (to the south).

Significant weather to watch out for:


— Developing storm east of the CO Rockies brings snow to the Northern Rockies and heavy rain to the Southern Plains.

— Strong winds for south, southeast WY; eastern CO; northern NM; western and central OK

— Good chance of severe thunderstorms from southeast NE southward to central and eastern OK


— Strong low pressure moves over Sioux Falls SD, bringing snow to western ND and western SD, and heavy rain to the remainder of the Dakotas and southern MN.

— Severe thunderstorms likely over eastern MO, southern IL, and adjacent AR and TN, respectively.

— Expect high winds with gusts to 60 mph over eastern WY; western and central SD; much of NE; and northern KS.

— Rain moves into OR and WA.


— Storm weakens over the Upper Midwest.

— Expect rain for the Inter-mountain West, and rain showers and thunderstorms for the Southeast, including FL.

— Strong winds for the southern CA deserts, southern NV, southern UT and northern AZ.

— Chance of severe thunderstorms for west TX.


— Unsettled weather continues over much of the country.

— Severe weather possible for northeast TX and southeast OK.

— Rain and some mountain snows for OR, WA northern CA and northern NV.

— Very strong wind gusts for the CA Sierra Nevada and much of NV.

— Cold rain, perhaps mixed with snow in the western part of the State, for NE.

— Rain showers and scattered thunderstorms for the Ohio Valley, Lower Mississippi Valley, and Southeast.


— Rain and mountain snows for the Inter-Mountain West and Northern Rockies

— Extensive, heavy rain for the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic States, Mid-South and northeast TX.

— Strong winds for the Four Corners States


— Strong winds for NM and much of TX

— Strong winds also for northern New England as the storm departs.

— Mountain snows for WY and CO

— Rain showers and thunderstorms, some possibly severe, develop in the afternoon across the Central and Southern Plains.

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