Travel & RV Weather Extended Outlook through Tuesday 14 March

Extended outlooks are more general in nature and higher level than the daily short term forecasts. Beyond a week, there is often significant uncertainty in the location and intensity of specific weather events. I will note where there is less, or greater, confidence than normal in these extended outlooks.

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Big Picture through the week and into next weekend:

  • No end yet to the parade of West Coast storms. Big storms coming into central and northern California and Oregon on Friday and again on Tuesday.
    • Temperatures will be considerably warmer than the past couple of months, so more rain, higher elevation snow levels. The soil is already saturated and streams are full.
    • Significant flooding likely, starting Thursday night and continuing through the weekend.
  • Not much threat of severe weather. Maybe some marginally severe thunderstorms over Oklahoma late Saturday.
  • Windy over much of the west on Friday.
  • Best chance since last December for a Nor’easter-type storm for the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast coast. If the storm forms, it will be early next week. FAR from a lock that this system develops, let alone determining who gets rain and who gets snow.
  • Colder than normal this period over the Northern Plains, through the Midwest and to the Mid-Atlantic. Also cooler than average over the Northeast.
  • Warmer than average initially over the Gulf Coast, then over the Rockies by early next week.
  • Much wetter than normal: central and northern California, southern Oregon and the Great Basin. Wetter than normal over the Inter-mountain West, the Northern Plains, Mid-South and Southeast. And Florida sees some rain this period.
  • It will be drier than normal over the Midwest, the Mid-Atlantic, the Northeast, Central Plains, Southwest and much of Texas.

Outlook for the 2nd half of March (a 2-4 week outlook is by definition low confidence!):

  • Generally below normal temperatures for most of the country.
    • If this comes to pass, it should dampen (although not eliminate) some of the typical March severe weather.
  • The West Coast dries out, especially the last week of the month.

Details (courtesy of the National Weather Service):

  • Heavy precipitation across portions of California, into western Nevada and southwestern
    Washington, Fri-Sat, Mar 10-Mar 11 and Mon-Tue, Mar 13-Mar 14.
  • Heavy precipitation across portions of the Pacific Northwest, Mon, Mar 13.
  • Heavy precipitation across portions of upstate/western New York, and along the central
    Appalachians, Fri-Sat, Mar 10-Mar 11.
  • Heavy precipitation across portions of the central to southern Appalachians, Sun, Mar 12.
  • Heavy snow across portions of the northern Rockies, Fri, Mar 10.
  • Heavy snow across portions of the upper Mississippi Valley and into the Northern Plains, Sat, Mar
  • Heavy rain across portions of the Southeast, Sun-Mon, Mar 12-Mar 13.
  • Flooding possible across portions of the mid- and lower Mississippi Valley, as well as the
    southern Plains.
  • Flooding occurring or imminent across portions of the lower Mississippi Valley.
  • Flooding likely across portions of the lower Mississippi Valley and the southern Plains.
  • Much below normal temperatures across portions of the northern Plains, Fri, Mar 10 and Mon, Mar 13.

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