Travel & RV Weather Extended Outlook through Sunday 22 May

Extended outlooks are more general in nature than the daily short term forecasts. Beyond a week, there is often significant uncertainty in the location and intensity of specific weather events. I will note where there is less, or greater, confidence than normal in these extended outlooks.

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  • Expect severe thunderstorms most days this coming week, as we approach the peak of severe weather season.
  • After a few days lull, another strong storm will enter the Pacific Northwest mid-week, bringing rain, high-elevation snows and strong winds to the Northwest, Rocky Mountains, Northern and Central Plains and Upper Midwest.
  • Summer-time thunderstorms develop late week and through the upcoming weekend along the Gulf Coast.
  • Lots of temperatures changes for much of the country, but generally expect above normal temperatures across California, the southern half of the country and the Northeast (especially Friday and Saturday). Cooler than average across the Pacific Northwest, Rocky Mountains, Northern Plains and Upper Mid-west.

Significant weather to watch out for:

Tuesday :

— Chance of Severe Thunderstorms in an area bounded by I-70 to the south, I-80 to the north, I-25 to the west and I-35 to the east.


— A Pacific storm brings rain and high elevation snows to WA and OR.

— Strong winds develop over OR, WA and western MT.


— Significant storm develops over the Northern Plains.

— Chance of severe thunderstorms over eastern SD, most of MN, northern IA and northern WI.

— Expect snow in the Northern Rockies.

— High winds will occur over the Northern and Central Rockies, the Inter-mountain West and the Four-Corners region.


— Storm moves through the Dakotas, to southwest Ontario.

— Expect snow for the northern half of ND and northern MN.

— Strong winds over the northern and central Plains.

— Chance of severe thunderstorms from Dallas northeastward to Detroit.


— Cold front comes through the East Coast with rain, rain showers, and thunderstorms, some of which may be strong.

— Expect gusty winds across the Upper Midwest.


— Rain for WA.

— Thunderstorms across much of TX and the Gulf Coast

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2 thoughts on “Travel & RV Weather Extended Outlook through Sunday 22 May

  1. Hi, we are planning to leave southern IN may 22 and arrive in Colter Bay May 25. we are planning to go north thru Illinois to Davenport Iowa to go on I80. we live in New Harmony In how does the weather look for towing our airstream classic?

    1. Hi Sue, Thanks for your note. 22-25 May is a long ways out. Unless there is a major weather system driving a big severe weather outbreak, it’s really not possible to pinpoint localized storms a week ahead. Having said that though, the weather in general looks good for your trip from IN to Colter Bay Grand Teton. We had heavy snow here a few days ago, but mid 70’s today — hopefully nice weather for when you are visiting! If you would like actual routing, here’s the form to complete: Best, -Dave

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