Three things to know about weather for RVers and travelers Friday 19 May

  • Smoke from large Canadian wildfires impacts much of the northern U.S. The smoke will likely persist for several days before clearing from west to east.
  • Slight risk of severe thunderstorms this afternoon and evening over the Southern Plains and western Arkansas.
  • Slight risk of flash flooding today and tonight in eastern Oklahoma and western Arkansas.

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From the RV Weather Summer Office in Moose Wyoming:

These are the most significant weather impacts to RV travel over the next two to three days. I do not list every area of rain, showers, or breezy winds. Please check out the animations and graphics for a good depiction of the weather along your route.

** Heads Up ** Smoke from very large Canadian wildfires in northern Alberta continues to impact much of the northern U.S. This smoke will spread as far south as Texas and as far east as New England.

I have changed out smoke forecasting models to one that captures these Canadian fires – so you can now see the latest 2-day smoke forecast for your area in the graphics section.


— Portions of east-central CA and western NV, including the Tahoe and Mono County areas: Flood watches for snowmelt. I-80, US-50 potentially impacted.

— South-central, east-central and northeast OR; adjacent west-central ID: Isolated severe thunderstorms possible Sunday afternoon and evening. I-84 potentially impacted.


— Portions of southeast ID: Flood Advisories due to rain and snowmelt. I-15 potentially impacted.

— Portions of north-central NM: Flood Watches this afternoon due to excessive rainfall. Recent burn scars are particularly vulnerable. This region is west of I-25.


West-central, central and northeast TX; southeast and east-central OK; western AR; northwest tip of LA: Strong and locally severe thunderstorms are expected this afternoon and evening. Hail and locally damaging winds appear to be the primary threats, but a tornado or two cannot be ruled out. I-10, I-20, I-30, I-35, I-40, I-45, I-49 potentially impacted.

Eastern OK; western and central AR: Slight risk of Flash Flooding today and tonight. 1-2 inches of rain possible in heavy thunderstorms. I-30, I-40 potentially impacted.

— Central and northeast OK; adjacent south-central and southeast KS: Strong winds this afternoon and evening. Gusts to 35 mph. I-35, I-40, I-44 impacted.

South TX Rio Grande Valley: Isolated severe thunderstorms possible on Saturday. Damaging wind gusts and hail are the primary threats. I-2, I-35, I-69 potentially impacted.

Central and eastern LA; central and southern MS; most of AL: Isolated severe thunderstorms possible on Saturday. Damaging wind gusts and hail are the primary threats. I-10, I-12, I-20, I-22, I-49, I-55, I-59, I-65 potentially impacted.

— Portion of northwest MS: Flash Flood Watch through mid-June for potential failure of Arkabutla Dam on the Coldwater River. I-55 potentially impacted.


Much of GA; FL Panhandle: Isolated severe thunderstorms possible on Saturday. Damaging wind gusts and hail are the primary threats. I-10, I-16, I-20, I-75, I-85 potentially impacted.

Click here for the extended outlook (updates every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday evening).

Click on image for interactive version. You can zoom, refresh, and add layers such as Interstate highways or terrain. This works best on a laptop.
Wildfire smoke concentrations Friday afternoon 19 May
Wildfire smoke concentrations Saturday afternoon 20 May
Total rainfall amounts for the next two days

All the graphics (and more!) I used to attach to the daily forecast are now accessible with this link.

Current Severe Thunderstorm and Tornado Watches from the National Weather Service Storm Prediction Center

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