Special Travel & RV Weather Extended Outlook Friday – Monday 22-25 April

** Heads Up ** Dangerously high winds Friday and Friday night across the Southwest and Western Plains. Strongest winds Friday night. I-40, I-70, I-80 highly impacted.

(Another) snowstorm for eastern Montana, Wyoming and the Dakotas Saturday and Sunday

  • High winds will develop over eastern AZ, NM and CO Friday, before spreading east and northwards to the TX Panhandle, western OK, KS and NE. The winds will intensify late Friday evening and Friday night.
  • Expect winds gusts 65-70 mph by Friday night with some gusts reaching hurricane force.
  • The National Weather Service has already issued High Wind Watches for NM, the TX and OK Panhandles, eastern CO and western KS.
  • These winds will be from the south, creating severe crosswinds on I-40, I-70 and I-80.
  • Strong winds move into WY, the Dakotas, NE, eastern KS, western IA, and southern MN on Saturday, with gusts 50-60 mph likely.
  • Winds remain strong over the Northern Plains on Sunday.
  • Significant snow-storm for eastern MT and WY on Saturday, with snow moving into the Dakotas on Sunday.

The animation shows wind gusts every 6-hours from Friday morning through Monday morning. Areas in yellow are greater than 35 mph. Areas in red are greater than 50 mph.

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