Hurricane Nicholas: Update for the Texas and Louisiana Coasts: p.m. Monday 13 September 2021

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  • Hurricane Warning issued for the middle Texas Coast
  • Tropical Storm Warning for the remainder of the Texas Coast north of Corpus Christi
  • Storm Surge Warning issued for the Texas Coast north of Corpus Christi

Nicholas reached hurricane force Monday evening. As of late Monday evening, the storm was 45 miles southwest of Freeport Tx, moving north-northeast at 10 mph. Maximum sustained winds are 75 mph.

Nicholas is expected to make landfall in a few hours, then its winds will start to weaken.

The primary impact from Nicholas will be extensive rains. Coastal areas north of Corpus Christi to Beaumont should prepare for 6-10 inches rain from this storm. This will likely cause significant flooding. The middle TX coast should expect a 3-5 foot storm surge. The surge in Corpus Christi Bay will be 1-3 feet, but Galveston Bay should prepare for a 3-5 foot storm surge. Winds on the eastern side of Nicholas are at hurricane force, but most on the TX coast will see tropical storm force winds of 30-60 mph.

On Tuesday and Wednesday the rains will move to the north and east. Much of central and southern LA should prepare for 6-10 inches of rain. Coastal MS will likely see significant rains as well.

Seek higher ground from both storm surge and freshwater flooding, and, as always, please follow the advice of local emergency management officials. If you are camping anywhere in southern or central LA or along the MS coast, be prepared for flooding rains Tuesday (LA) and Wednesday (MS) and seek higher ground.

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