Grand Teton Forecast Sunday – Monday August 8-9

  • Short-term forecast, emphasizing weather parameters most important to visitors in the Jenny Lake / String Lake / Leigh Lake region
  • Animations of expected weather radar updated daily.
    • Other weather parameters (snow, wind, etc.) added when they may be significant.
    • For orientation, animation maps show Wyoming and a small portion of the surrounding states.
  • Temperature graphic is for the Airport. Subtract a couple of degrees for String Lake and 3-5 degrees if a visitor asks about Colter Bay.
  • The wind gusts forecasts are usually (in the summer) a reasonable forecast for average sustained wind speeds at 9,000 – 11,000 feet for backcountry hikers.
  • For those with access to Grand Teton Park Radios: Channel 16 is NOAA Weather Radio
  • Click here for access to the NOAA smoke-forecasting site.
  • Click here for an animation of smoke concentration over the northwest U.S. for the next two days.

Cold front passage tonight, but a rapid warmup later this week.

Sunday: Mostly sunny and warmer. Breezy in the afternoon ahead of an approaching cold front. Afternoon gusts of 25-30 mph. There will be quite a chop building on Leigh Lake this afternoon, highest along the northern and eastern shores. Hikers above 9000 feet should expect wind gusts of 30-40 mph this afternoon and evening. Highs in the lower 80’s.

Monday – Saturday: Sunny. Afternoon gusts 12-16 mph. Highs in the mid-70’s.

Smoke forecast: The western fires continue to impact Grand Teton National Park. Smoke concentrations will increase this afternoon ahead of a cold front; heavy smoke could blanket the Park by sunset. The cold front will greatly reduce, but not eliminate, the smoke on Monday.

Extended Outlook:

Tuesday – Sunday: Mostly sunny with a warming trend. Highs near 80 deg on Monday, rising to the mid-80’s by Wednesday and near 90 deg by Friday. Chance of afternoon showers on Sunday.

The outlook for the rest of August is for generally above normal temperatures and below normal precipitation.

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