Animations of expected weather Thursday – Friday 3-4 June

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2 thoughts on “Animations of expected weather Thursday – Friday 3-4 June

  1. Headed to Camp Wood, TX and I’m now concerned that the weather I can see shows thunderstorms for the entire stay. That wouldn’t be so bad except I’ll have four guests, two dogs snd myself through next Tuesday. Is there a way to know if there will be breaks in the weather? I’ll be camped next to the Nueces River on the deep side of the dam. I know that river overflows its banks at times.

    Hope all is well with the bear jams!

    Patricia Zweig-Franson

    1. Hi Patricia! You’ll certainly have periods of rainshowers and thunderstorms through the weekend and some will be heavy, but it should not be an all-day, four-day rain event. You will get pretty big breaks in the storms. Still, expect 1-3 inches of rain all told between now and Tuesday. I’ll send you a time lapse of the expected weather radar for the next two days for Texas.

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